The Island of a God

The Island ( of a God ) is an exploration/adventure game.

WARNING: Bad language in the game

You are Stan, a Montrealer, who needs to help a God for go back to your hometown. Collect 25 pieces of god's elemental rocks in 5 different areas.

The resurrection sequence has been removed and, insteed of going back to the map, you're back to the start point of the level.

Tags: the, island, adventure, exploration, collect, fire, underground, forest, electric, water, ice, megaman, mario, metroid, power, god, pixelmaker, platform, nonlinear, pixel, game, awesome, lol, platformer

Released 2010-09-20
Category Adventure
Rating 4.3 (by 224 users)
Downloads 19848
Version 5
ID 145099
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