Conflict: Arcade 0.71

The game is another topdown shooter, based on the concept of Americas Army, Soldat, and Unreal Tournament. The final release was to be online-only (with offline training missions), with many features like ConflictED Map Editor, server-filters, account statistics, and much more. However, after GameCave has closed down and the developers are each going through their own priority commitments, we have had to make the sacrifice of taking out online gameplay.

The game was previously known as Conflict: Online and since the previous demo the name has been changed since online gameplay was cut, and so the current version and previous versions will have a different title. They are both, however, the same game. The current demo is version 0.7, which has some cool new features like sound support, account stats / profile management, new maps / weapons, performance improvements, and new effects.You can play multiple gametypes, including (Team) Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Warrior, and Bully.

Stay tuned for future updates!
~ Rhys Andrews ~

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Released 2007-04-27
Category Shooter
Rating 3.7 (by 626 users)
Downloads 19704
Version 8
ID 145
Slug conflict-arcade-071