Vest Trials - Approaching Dawn

V1.1 - Corrected final level cutscene glitch. Just replace executable, save game should still work.

UPDATE 7/08/2011: The game is now complete! New features - improved graphics (in some areas), music, sound, three Quality levels, Final level, two Bonus levels, 9 secrets, many more Overworld rooms, double jumping, plus more!

Take on the role of Dareo, an avid explorer, as he travels inside a mysterious dungeon/temple. Find clues that will help you unravel the story and find what is at the end of the tremendous structure before you even get there. Hopefully throughout the descent you also find out more about the world around you, alongside navigating your way through levels which will test your abilities to the highest extent.

Find out about its development phase here:

[Created by:]
- Andrew Wickens
[Music by:]
- Brian Burke (stargenx)
[Testers and Advisers:]
- Andrew Martini
- Brice Lwo (iluvfuz)
- James Chappell
- Nathan Wood (turboRamble)
- Ninjutsu63
- Peter Zezima
[Special Thanks:]
- YoYo Games
- Mark Overmars
- Andrew Martini
- Brice Lwo
- Daniel van Blerk
- James Chappell
- Martin Piecyk
- Nathan Wood
- Ninjutsu63
- Peter Zezima
- Rebekah Ash

Tags: vest, trials, approaching, dawn, discovery, platform, adventure, competition06, #yoyocomp06

Released 2010-08-31
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Rating 3.9 (by 88 users)
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Version 3
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