Bubble Gems

by newkill

2D Platform/Adventure set in a nice cartoony universe. Features 4 Worlds, 40 Levels, nice graphics and effects, and challenging levels. As you progress through the game, you will discover Treasures that gives you special abilities. Don't forget to press the Down key to save your progress!

V1.01 :

-Fixed the "door to World 1" bug
-Changed the system that tells you in which levels you can find the Silver Artifacts
-You can choose the Game Process Priority at the beginning of the game

V1.02 :

-You won't get stuck in the red platforms anymore
-Autosave feature added
-Added solid walls in level 1-10 where it was missing

Tags: bubble, gems, platform, adventure, nice, fun, awesome, competition06, #yoyocomp06

Released 2010-08-30
Category Platform
Rating 4.0 (by 86 users)
Downloads 5286
Version 3
ID 142529
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