Crash Bandicoot engine open sour...


Seriously the most awesome Crash Bandicoot engine on this site. You have to try this! Though it is unfinished, it has crates, wumpa fruit, explosives, slope movement, 3-state Aku Aku, sprite animation, awesome graphics with multiple scrolling layers, sound effects, and more. And it works with Game Maker 7/8 Pro.

Tags: crash, bandicoot, engine, gm7, gm8, game, maker, seven, eight, pro, open, source, editable, gmk, awesome, graphics, sound, animation, crate, tnt, nitro, wumpa, fruit, apple, d3d, effects, free, slope, movement, scrolling, background, layer, aku, enemy, enemies, level, theme, main, menu, ini, settings, read, write, view, platform

Released 2010-08-29
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Rating 4.3 (by 44 users)
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Version 1
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