Core (by Ideaz)

by ideaz

A vertical platformer involving a wall-jumping cave explorer descending to the centre of the planet over 36 levels.

Discover what is at the core, collect gems, unlock doors, beat time trials, avoid traps, dodge rockets, unlock secrets, record replays and find bonus levels in this fun but challenging platform game. (29/08/10)
- Much faster loading by default
- Menu adjustments
- Some minor level changes (25/08/10)
- Changes to loading screen
- Optional extra jumping buttons (Z, X, C, up)
- Faster loading option (see options menu -> advanced blocks) (19/08/10)
- First version was uploaded

Tags: competition06, core, ideaz, ideazgames, #yoyocomp06

Released 2010-08-19
Category Platform
Rating 4.0 (by 147 users)
Downloads 10885
Version 4
ID 140869
Slug core-by-ideaz