Mario Game Maker *Very Helpful*

This is a helper to help you guys make Mario games, I have not even released a .exe first version yet but will soon, and when I do ill be sure and put out the latest helpful version here! p.s. I got two helpful games merged into this that were supposed to also be mario help, but mine is alot better then them. This .zip file also includes over 200 animated charaters that are in gif format just need some slight spiffing up and they will be easy for you to add, I also have alot of full length music from n64 games, including super mario 64, super smash bros, zelda, turok and a few others, this also has some icons and images, enjoy and tell me what u think of it, keep in mide I will be updating this so check back for latest version also keep an eye out for the exe version comming out soon.

Tags: mario, help, luigi, yoshi, game, maker

Released 2007-10-15
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