Discover who you are and why you are not a human anymore, a very stylish and high quality platformer originally designed for Comp06.
Z => Cross;
X => Square;
C => Circle;
Space => Triangle;
P => Pause;

Two things only:
_Do notice, that this is a bit of a gore game, so if you dont like such games, dont say i havent warned you!
_This game is meant to be a hard game, so dont get frustrated if you cant make a difficult jump, or you just dont know how to get trough the traps

Tags: competition06, platform, shooter, gore, action, robot, cyborg, grapple, hook, is, frustrating, #yoyocomp06

Released 2010-08-03
Category Platform
Rating 3.8 (by 96 users)
Downloads 8014
Version 4
ID 138701
Slug prototype_03