first person shooter demo

by rookbom

Check trailer at ""; A first person shooter with a few levels and weapons. This is the last update. Hope you like it. When you cant get through a level
press digits-keys in the main
menu to jump to the next level.

Tags: cod, mw1, mw2, call, of, duty, fps, shooter, d3d, first, person, rookbom, maarten, good, game, m4carbine, machine, gun, targets, plywood, wood, score, highscore, light, collision, perfect, compas, modern, warfare, challenge, arcade, realistic, desert, eagle, tree, building, house, terrorist, enemy, fire, bullet, bullets, impact, spetnaz, sas, mp5, grenade, flash, bang, flashbang, m249, m24, sniper, rifle, silent, stealth, shotgun, colt45, pistol, model, russians, ak47, penetration, action, training

Released 2010-07-14
Category Shooter
Rating 4.3 (by 100 users)
Downloads 13016
Version 7
ID 135995
Slug first-person-shooter-demo