Halo Covenant Extinction

A 3D game maker remake of Halo CE with a HUD, health and covies. This is only the beta (final will not be released) and features two levels, a covie level and a flood level. Enjoy 😁

Tags: halo, covenant, extinction, beta, assault, rifle, shot, gun, shotgun, grunt, elite, hunter, jackal, 3d, 3d3, d3, blah, haloce, halocombatevolved, combat, evolved, modern, warfare, scifi, science, fiction, reach, haloreach, xbox, pc, hud, health, covies, covie, war, chicken

Released 2010-07-11
Category Shooter
Rating 4.0 (by 39 users)
Downloads 5218
Version 5
ID 135534
Slug halo-covenant-extinction