DoodleBob and the Magic Pencil

Plankton has harnessed the power of the Magic Pencil, creating an army of doodle minions and brainwashing SpongeBob's friends with four corrupted Special Doodles. In retaliation, SpongeBob revives his old nemesis, DoodleBob, who has now reformed. With the Magic Pencil as his only weapon, it's up to DoodleBob to stop Plan Z Version 186 and save SpongeBob's friends!

I made this game as a Christmas present for my little brother in 2008, and now I'm finally releasing it to the public. All the graphics (except for the Magic Pencil itself) are homemade, and the music is taken from various Capcom, Sega, and Nintendo games. Keep an eye out for all the Mega Man parodies I tossed in!
The game is pretty easy to beat, but it's fun to use the Magic Pencil to defeat your enemies in different ways! Use your imagination! 😁

WASD or Arrow Keys: Move DoodleBob (press W or Up Arrow to jump)
Mouse: Aim Magic Pencil
Left Mouse Button: Draw
Right Mouse Button: Erase
Enter: Pause / Skip Cutscene
Spacebar: Progress through cutscene
F1: View this help file
F4: Switch to / from fullscreen mode
Esc: End the game
Game saves automatically every time you beat a boss

Tags: doodlebob, spongebob, squarepants, patrick, star, krabs, squidward, tentacles, sandy, cheeks, plankton, magic, pencil, technosuperguy, video, pc, game, freeware

Released 2010-07-08
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