SC Arena

Works with "Play Now", now.
The PC sequel to my comp05 entry. It's only a WIP atm, and will be for a long time. I have big ideas for this. Don't see this as a demo, as the main mode of the game will be a lot different. But please leave any ideas and suggestions you have!
There should be no speed problems as FPS and game speed change all the time and are independent, so any lag will be seen as frame skips and not slowdown. But please leave a note of your lowest FPS as this will help me. If you download, there is also an ini file you can edit to get better or faster graphics. There is a readme that explains what the ini values are for.

Menu = arrow keys and space.
Game = WASD and mouse


Tags: shmup, shooter, arena, super, collider, grid, distort, retro, vector, lights, geometry, effects, bullet, hell, wars

Released 2010-06-30
Category Shooter
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Version 6
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