Sig Maker v.4

Type: Application

Fullscreen: No

Description: Signature maker 4.0 Silver edition is the fourth model of the signature maker program with slight changes including more textures and the ability to choose both colors of the background gradient. It's a freeware software that allows you to make your own custom sigs without any knowlege of image editing!
Features include but are not limited to-
Many customizable fonts
Glow and drop shadow effects
Import image and background system
Many background textures and effects
Customizable background gradient
Easy to use point and click interface

Tags: sig, maker, signature, necromian, nfyre, gloss, v.4

Released 2007-10-08
Category Utility
Rating 3.3 (by 452 users)
Downloads 5097
Version 0
ID 13327
Slug sig-maker-v4