Naruto vs Sasuke (2 Player Only)

My First one! ^_^ Might make a better version.

Up, Down, Left, Right: Move
Z: Summon Help/ Recover after damage
A: Turn Cursed Seal 2 Sasuke
C: Back to normal Sasuke

8,6,4,2: Move
5: Attack
Enter: Recover after Damage
7: Summon Help
9: Turn One-Tailed Kyuubi Naruto
3: Turn back to normal Naruto

Cursed Seal Level 2 Sasuke:
Moving controls same as Sasuke
Attack Same as Sasuke
Z:Recover from attack: Special 1
V: Charge Chidori
B(pressed after Charge Chidori): Cursed Seal Chidori (turns back to normal after use)

One-tailed Kyuubi Naruto:
Moving controls same as Naruto
Attack Controls same as Naruto
Enter: Recover from Attack
7: Special Attack 1
1: Charge Resengan
0 (use after charge resengan): Kyuubi Resengan (turns back to normal after use)

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