Ninjammin Beat-jitsu

Ninjammin Beat-Jitsu - Its like Guitar Hero, but with more style.
Its like Super Mario, but without the Italian plumber.
A top secret government breeding experiment between two totally different game genres has produced this Rythm-Action-Platforming extravanganza!
Play only if you dare!
(I dare you)

The Story: In a dystopian, government ruled future a dude known only as 8O8 is visited by his late great great grandfather, Roland - whom bestows upon him great powers over the ancient martial art Beat-jitsu.
But before 8O8 had a chance to understand what was going on, the elite govt robot task force was set after him.
A heart warming tale of explosions, lasers and neon-pink hair dye, Ninjammin Beat-jitsu has something for everyone

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Released 2010-03-30
Category Platform
Rating 4.3 (by 380 users)
Downloads 19490
Version 9
ID 121764
Slug ninjammin-beat-jitsu