Rainy Day - Treasurehunt

by Thaudal

Rainy Day: Treasurehunt is a cute, child friendly platformer adventure, in which you are out on a treasurehunt for your grandfather. You soon discover that you're not alone in this endeavor, and your competitor is quite powerful. Luckily, you can draw upon the help of those you will meet along your way. Also, the umbrella you brought along to cover yourself from the rain, also serves just swell as a parachute.

*Cute humouristic world
*Lots of immersive cutscenes with detailed dialogues (can be skipped)
*Use your umbrella as a parachute
*Great variation in gameplay, as it covers both traditional platformer elements, but also offers puzzles, adventure and arcade elements.
*6 very unique levels

UPDATE 31. January 2011:
New version with the following fixes:
-2nd level (the wasp level) has now been made MUCH easier, as you can now take 3 hits from wasps before you die

-The bottles of rum are now MUCH easier to see

-The main character no longer (almost) swears (the "MOTHERF..." part that so many has complained about)

UPDATE 3.6.2010:
Replaced the old exe with a new one, where fullscreen option is available.

Tags: competition05, rain, rainy, ladybird, lucina, ladybug, pirate, rainbow, treasure, treasurehunt, sail, sailing, ocean, gold, parachute, umbrella, boat, puzzle

Released 2010-03-30
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Rating 4.1 (by 127 users)
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Version 4
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