Starship Alpha II

by chicken

In year 3013, the FEDS has been locating the main fleet of the alien race, R.A.G.E. and to defeat them once and for all. You've joined the rank of FEDS to battle against the R.A.G.E. across the ocean of stars. During the battle, you have to overpower the enemy and utilize the reinforcement to your advantage. In certain situation, you must assist your team mate in order to achieve victory.

- Up to 20 battle missions with 4 different starships to control.
- Detailed battle plans for tactical offensive and defensive strike.
- Challenge yourself to earn up to 28 medals in your starflight career.

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Tags: star, ship, starship, space, war, fly, tactical, strategy, starwars, alpha, ii, akubi, chicken

Released 2010-03-28
Category Shooter
Rating 4.4 (by 16 users)
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Version 1
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