Doom Revisited

Two equally brilliant as mad scientists came up with a procedure to transport 3d computer images to real life. In a remote castle they transported several monsters of the original game Doom by id Software. Of course these monsters went haywire and killed the scientists. Somehow you ended up in this castle (if you survive this you must tell me how) and locked yourself up in a small room. In your journey to freedom you explore the castle, find all kinds of guns, shoot up everything in your path such monsters, furniture. Find health packs to ensure a safe journey and earn dollars to shop for extra ammo and health.

Tags: fps, first, person, shooter, doom, quake, wolfenstein, 3d, castle, shotgun, gun, monster, shoot

Released 2010-03-07
Category Shooter
Rating 4.2 (by 111 users)
Downloads 5564
Version 9
ID 118506
Slug doom-revisited