Sonic Unlimited


Sorry it took so long but the v4.0 version of Sonic Unlimited is here!

The 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game with 6 characters excluding supersonic.

The characters are

- Sonic
- Tails
- Knuckles
- Shadow
- Metal Sonic
- Chaos 0

This game was worked on for about 5 months and an update is comming soon with better Metal Sonic sprites, improved level design and an improved fps.

There are cheats to this game!! but to get them you must join the insider at

To play the game you must extract the ZIP file.

Tags: sonic, the, hedgehog, mario, 3d, unlimited, tails, chaos, zero, shadow, knuckles, silver, cd, metal, warehog, charmy, espio, gizard, battle, adventure, two, super, fgx, insider

Released 2010-02-19
Category Adventure
Rating 3.6 (by 10 users)
Downloads 5831
Version 3
ID 116261
Slug sonic-unlimited