Ninja Penguin

A 3D, split-story, adventure game where you become a Ninja Penguin and can choose to fight with the empire or with the resistance.
Arrow Keys - Move
Space Bar - Attack
Space Bar x 3 - Combo
Hold Space Bar - Spin Attack
Double tap arrow key - Z-target
Space while targeting - shuriken

Drandula - Open Source Zelda Project
Phantom107 - 3D Snow Engine
Tasman Chapman - 3D Modeler
Ben Reason - Composer
Shadowrend - World Map
Tiby312 - Blurred Pause Screen

Tags: competition05, ninja, penguin, 3d, 3dimensional, adventure, game, fun

Released 2010-02-09
Category Adventure
Rating 4.2 (by 213 users)
Downloads 12665
Version 9
ID 114789
Slug ninja-penguin