T.U.C.2 3D

After 2 years of development, and many times abandoning and repicking this project, Its finally back to stable progress.

The game is fully 3D (using Xtreme3d.dll by Xception) , even the menu uses OpenGL (althou its 2d). If you have slowdowns (less than 60 fps) try changing the settings in "Config". If the game still runs slow post your specs and performance. Turning on frameskip makes the game run at 30fps, anyone getting less than 55 fps should turn frameskip ON!.


- Fully 3d graphics rendered with OpenGL.

- Dynamic lighting.

- Stereo sound.

- Original high quality music.(using supersound.dll by tsg1zzn to play OGG files)

- Map/exploration system (something like Castlevania on GBA or Super metroid).

- 2 Weapons. (theyre actually 3, but I didnt add the shotgun since its not supposed to exist in the 1st level)

- Complete 1st level with 22 rooms.

- Crafting system, gather materials from the enemies and craft things at the special Crafting Terminals.


You gather materials when killing enemies. When u find a terminal (it looks like a computer) stand in front of it, press ESC and go to the Crafting menu to repair your armor, refill your health and make ammo.

Tip: To get Green Substances you need to shoot the alien bodies.

People who work on this project:

Nick Larin (scream681) - Programming, Graphics and Sound.

Justin Stephens (Avenhym) - Level Design, Site programming.

Kasper Koman - Music.

Kat Waterflame - Voice acting (Chuchu voice).

Big thanx to Bami for helping me by rewriting all the new Xtreme3d commands.


By downloading and/or using this software you agree the following:

All the game contents are copyrighted and you are NOT allowed to change them or distribute them in ANY way.

Official site:: www.tuc2.com

Post comments, suggestions and bugs. Have fun!


Released 2007-05-10
Category Shooter
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Version 4
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