Awesome Getaway

by Firano

In 'Awesome Getaway' you play a ninja that likes to run on roofs. The goal is to run as far as you can while avoiding or killing other ninjas. Yes, I know, i got the idea from Canabalt (which is an awesome game btw.).

Update 22 Oktober 2010:
- Bigger window (now you see what's comming...)
- Better music system
- Lots and lots of bug fixes
NOT in this update:
- working highscores
- challenge mode

Update 21 Oktober 2010:
There is a tutorial, yay
Game now supports instant play
I've got a blog:

Update 30 January 2010:
Awesome Getaway is out of beta!
I've added a trampoline and I think I fixed the 'Slow Down' bug.

Update 25 jan 2010 (part II):
you can now throw a Shuriken if you press 'Right' in mid-air!

Update 25 jan 2010:
I've (hopefully) fixed the 'too high buildings' bug. And you can now choose if you want to upload your score or not.

I've added a tutorial and online high scores (the scores are still a bit buggy)

Tags: competition05, awesome, getaway, run, running, ninja, city, arcade, action

Released 2010-01-23
Category Arcade
Rating 3.7 (by 102 users)
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Version 11
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