Mario Kart remake

This is a game aiming to be close to the original, but with a few twists. It has items and characters from all mario kart games for different consoles, and in addition to fully working AI in Grand Prix mode, you can aim for beating your own highscore in Time Trial mode.
It will, if we get original graphics ready in time, be a contestant in the 5th competition on yoyogames. But for now, this is just another (awesome) mario kart clone.
It does not use any d3d, but a fake 3d engine of mine:

The game has 11 items:
Green shell
Red shell
Blue shell
Bullet bill

Tags: super, mario, kart, snes, remake, mode7, mode, thesnidr, snidr

Released 2010-01-08
Category Arcade
Rating 4.2 (by 50 users)
Downloads 4987
Version 24
ID 110042
Slug mario-kart-remake