Djrellik Super Mario Bros 3 Open...

It's back, and I need your feedback. Well nothing big actually, I just need to know if everybody are able to run it first of all, and then if all of you can run it at full speed, with or without frameskip.

The score shows the fps so it will be easy to tell. The game is supposed to run at 60fps. You can increase and reduce the frameskip with F7 and F8. All the rest is in the help file.

On a side note, the engine has been cleaned a little and I have rewritten the vertical movement engine. In overall it's more glitchy because it's still unfinished but it works.

What's new in this version
-Works with gm8 (it actually made the jump from gm6 to gm8 🙄)
-Vertical movement engine has been rewritten
-Codes related to mario has been cleaned and commented
-Unexpected errors free (well it should be)
-Fully works with unregistred gm
-No more modules music 😔 (Had to be registered to use them but I'll make something better eventually anyway)
-Moved objects around to make creating a room less confusing.
-And a few other minor stuffs.

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Released 2010-01-05
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