by Awoken

In Wrapple, you play as a genetically modified potato that has the ability to wrap through walls. You must get from room to room by solving puzzles, avoiding obstacles such as spikes and the results of the failed roach project, and reaching the portal tearing down the room around you.

25 levels in all,
Good Luck!

Update 1.1:
This update features improved graphics and 5 more levels for a total of 25 levels.

Update 3.0:
This update features a level editor and a level pack for the holidays.

Tags: wrapple, awoken, potato, portal, lab, wrap, wrapping, nick, carney, roy, tu

Released 2009-11-21
Category Puzzle
Rating 4.2 (by 276 users)
Downloads 16402
Version 3
ID 103934
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