Kablooey! v1.2

In just a few short hours, the President is set to give his big speech in our small city. But the problem is we've been desperately trying to tear down a building near the speech site that’s a hazard, eyesore, and quite honestly could collapse at any moment. Gah, there's hardly any time to get the city ready for the President’s visit! Quick, combine items around the city and try to find a way to tear down that building...and while you’re at it, maybe you could fix up a few things around this city too?

Tags: kablooey, action, adventure, chubigans, vertigo, games, indie, kablooey, v1

Released 2009-11-20
Category Adventure
Rating 3.9 (by 179 users)
Downloads 8052
Version 1
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Slug kablooey-v12